WWE Table for 3

The cordial relationship between Impact Wrestling and WWE has continued to deepen as recently, WWE has referenced Impact Wrestling on many occasions, including on their recent episode of Table for 3.

The relationship between the two wrestling promotion companies has gone to a new height after WWE used Impact Footage in a recent Table For 3 episode and showed an ad for their Global Wrestling Network during the broadcast.

According to Sportskeeda, they’ve reached out to Anthem Sports, the parent company of Impact Wrestling on comments on the latest development, and were informed that WWE was duly allowed to use their footage in return for a mention of GWN. The report said;

“IMPACT Wrestling collaborated with WWE on the project and sub-licensed the footage to them for use in their original productions. Accordingly, WWE issued a courtesy for GWN when the footage airs.”

The latest episode of WWE Network’s Table for 3 featured the RAW GM Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and the SmackDown Live Commissioner, Shane McMahon. During the show, they mentioned Impact, and even used footage owned by the company and equally aired an advertisement for GWN at the end of the show.