Big Cass is in the news again regarding his actions during the May 1st episode of SmackDown Live which he has been reported to have gone off the script during the segment which involved a little man dressed up to impersonate Daniel Bryan.

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Big Cass went off the script by beating the impersonator than the backstage officials had wanted. Big Cass was supposed to just plant the little man with the Big Boot to the face, instead, Cass decided that a longer beating would be better.

It was stated that Big Cass had approached Vince McMahon requesting to go farther during the segment but was turned down by the boss. Despite this, Cass still went ahead with what he wanted by beating the impersonator after delivering the boot during the segment.

Big Cass who was removed during this week’s SmackDown Live episode and till now, not even advertised for next week’s show seem to already be serving his punishment for going off the script.