Christian joined his best friend Edge, during their latest episode of the E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness podcast. Christian and Edge entertained questions from fans, and one of them asked Christian if he preferred a traditional ring (four-sided) or a six-sided ring when he worked for TNA. He responded in the affirmative, stating that he liked a traditional ring better than a six-sided ring.

In response, Christian said;

“I’m a traditionalist; I like the square one. I get that the six-sided [ring] looked different, but I don’t think it was enough to be like, ‘oh, man this ring is so different.’ It was a little bit awkward to wrestle in, because sometimes when you are shooting somebody corner to corner, you had to adjust because it wasn’t directly across. And it was also really hard like it was a hard ring. If you weren’t bumping pretty much around the middle of it, like around the edges were super, super hard, and it hurt.

So, I’ve always been partial to the square ring. I got used to it, and I didn’t think of it at a certain time, but even little things like when you climb up the ropes to jump off the top rope, the foot positioning is farther apart because of where the ropes are, the distance, I guess, that they have to travel to the next post is different than when the ring is square. So, it was a smaller area to put your feet on a regular ring, and it was further apart and I always found it harder to jump off the top rope with your feet really far apart.”

TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling started in 2002, and then they had a six-sided ring, in an attempt to be different from other wrestling promotions with a four-sided ring.

Christian went to TNA after he parted ways initially with the WWE. In his time at TNA, THE ‘Peep Master’ build a huge brand for himself, and eventually, when he returned to the WWE in 2009, he was treated as a big star, leading to him getting several World Heavyweight title opportunities. He was forced into retirement after WWE failed to clear him due to a history of concussions.


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.