CM Punk

CM Punk recently was on Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit where he discussed his pro wrestling and even on how he got into punk music. CM Punk also responded to the continued question of whether he would appear during the “All In” this September, probably watch the show from the crowd.

CM Punk did not mince words in his response;

“No, I got some crippling anxiety when I’m in crowds now. My wife [AJ Lee] has it really bad, so it gets amplified if she’s with me. Unless it’s a Stanley Cup Final or an occasional Cubs game, I don’t think you’ll see me surrounding myself in a sea of people.”

Recall that CM Punk had reacted to being a part of the All In event as reported earlier, where he stated that;

“Nobody has ever asked me, like straight up asked me, to come [to] wrestle for them. Nobody. [People have said] hey, if you ever wanna do anything… Nobody’s ever been like, ‘hey, here’s the deal, we’re having a show, we’re paying you X amount and you’re working this guy. Whaddaya say, yes or no?’ Nobody’s ever done that.”