Corey Graves

Corey Graves in a recent interview with Fightful commented on calling out CM Punk after his loss to Mike Jackson at the UFC 225 event in Chicago on Saturday night.

Below are the excerpts from the interview;

On calling out CM Punk?

“What really set me off was this week when he essentially disowned the business that made him.”

On if his tweets had anything to do with the recent victory of CM Punk in court?

“Dude, this has zero to do with court, or testimony or any of the above. Nothing that I tweeted was corporate I’m simply hurt/pissed off that a guy that I looked like as a big brother-type has turned his back on me and everyone that loved and supported him only because of the name on my paycheck. I’m definitely not the only one. I won’t name names, but there is a large group of us to this day that inexplicably lost a solid friend because of where we work.”

On the truth about rumours regarding CM Punk’s “leave WWE or lose me as a friend” ultimatum?

“Well, to be honest, I’d never heard or been given that ultimatum. It kinda shocked me when I texted him about grabbing dinner because we were in Chicago and he told me he no longer had any interest in being friends with me or anybody related to WWE…I respected his drive and him doing his own thing. He sent me the text shortly before his first fight. Part of me just thought he was in a zone and I didn’t take offense. I texted him the day of his FIRST fight something along the lines of ‘I know life is nuts, I still love you good luck,’ probably not verbatim, but you get the idea.”