Impact Wrestling returned last night on POP, and was aired around 8 pm ET!

The show started with Josh Mathews who was in the studio and then discussed an incident with Don Callis when he went to accept a “comeback of the year award.” Then Callihan expressed his displeasure about Callis interference during his match against Eddie Edwards. According to Callihan, Callis denied him the privilege of ending Edwards once and for all.

A footage of Callis accepting his award was then shown, instead Callihan stock with the baseball bat and busted open. Back in the studio, Mathews revealed that the Impact Wrestling executives are yet to decide on what should be done to Callihan.

Z & E (DJZ and Andrew Everett) def. LAX

DJZ and Everett are new tag team partners and as explained by Josh, they will be working together going forward. Santana and DJZ kicked off the match but soon, Ortiz was involved for some tag team double maneuvers. The teams were quick to involve some interesting moves like the Standing Moonsault, and later Ortiz was dropped with the Hurricanrana.

Impact Wrestling fans witnessed so many counters in this matchup. As the match progressed, Everett connected with a Standing Corkscrew, then DJZ took a dive to the outside, and Everett planted Ortiz with a High Elevation Moonsault on the floor.

In the end, Ortiz connected with the Cannonball Flip on both of their opponents, but as LAX attempted to drop DJZ to the canvass, a Street Sweeper move allowed DJZ to flip back and roll up Santana three counts.

Backstage with Grado

Grado was seen telling Joseph Park that he is waiting for his girlfriend, as he prepared for his match. Joseph, of course, did not believe Grado and at that moment Katarina showed up, and Joseph was in shock. Park questioned why Katarina was with Grado but she said it was more about what was on the inside that counts.

Grado (with Katarina) def. Rohit Raju

Raju had an early advantage by attacking Grado from behind as he paid concentration on his girlfriend Katarina. After some successful strikes, Raju went for a Suplex, but Grado was just quite big for him to lift.

As the match progressed on Impact, Grado was taken down from the second rope by Raju and then taunts his girl. Raju connected with series of running kicks but eventually, Grado got back into the game and planted him with the Side Suplex.

In the end, Grado planted Raju in the corner, then connected with a Running Cannonball for the win.

El Hijo del Fantasma def. Ishimori and Aerostar and Drago (X Division Number One Contender Match)

Impact Wrestling witnessed a high-flying match filled with so much speed and breath-taking maneuvers. This fatal-four way match was to determine the number one contender for the X Division championship title.

There were several counters upon counters, Moonsault moves, Step-up Splash and after a short break, Aerostar connected with the Trust Fall. Drago eventually got on the offense once more, planted Fantasma with a brutal kick before taking him down with the Hurricanrana from the second rope.

Ishimori interferes, brought down Drago. and the went for the handspring spinning kick, followed by the rolling death valley driver, another running kick, but an attempted cover was broken up by Aerostar. The Impact Wrestling fans were all in cheers as these superstars went on to entertain them.

As the match drew into a close, after series of attempts from the different high-flyers, Aerostar after a powerbomb out of the turnbuckle, Fantasma interfered to hit the Thrill of the Kill on Ishimori for the three counts.

Eddie Edwards and the executives

We were shown as Eddie Edwards busts into an Impact Executive meeting and demanded that Sami Callihan should not be fired. He claimed that he almost lost an eye and then Callis screwed him up during his match with Callihan. The Executive eventually did not fire Sami but they informed Edwards that whatever he wants to do against Sami will not happen in Impact Wrestling.

Back in the studio, Josh Mathews recaps what just occurred between the executives and Edwards, and noted that the management doesn’t want to be responsible any longer for whatever happens between Edwards and Callihan.

Moose def. Kongo Kong (with Jimmy Jacobs) via DQ

It was a House of Hardcore match between these two superstars. Kongo Kong had the upper hand initially, locking in the bear hug on Moose. After Moose escaped from the hug and failed to slam Kong, he got tossed into the ring post but missed an attempted Cannonball on Moose.

Moose took advantage of the opening, bringing down Kong and then connected with the Running Senton. Jimmy Jacobs eventually got involved in the match, jumping into the ring and planting Moose in the back with a steel chair, forcing the referee to end the match.

Brian Cage def. Takashi Sugiura

This was a match from Pro Wrestling Noah. According to Mathews, Brian Cage requested for a tour in Japan so he can continue dominating before returning to Impact Wrestling.

There were series of back and forth maneuvers in the matchup, with Cage connecting with the Deadlift Suplex from the second rope. Cage later connected with the Jumping Knee, a Discus Clothesline, and finally connected with his finisher, the Drill Claw for the win.

GWN Match of the week

GWN Match of the Week for the X Division Championship (Ultimate X Match) was shown. The match featured Consequences Creed (now Xavier Woods), Suicide, Alex Shelley, and Jay Lethal.

The end of the match saw Creed, Lethal, and Shelley all trying to get the title, before Suicide climbed above them to grab the title.

Backstage with Allie

We saw Allie in the Dressing Room as she stared in a mirror and there was a flashback to last week when Su Yung attacked and put Rosemary in a coffin. As Allie attempted to help, the undead bridesmaids held her back.

A knock at the door interrupted the flashback, and some strange doll with a note pinned to it was seen on the ground. Allie picked it up and read the note, before looking back in the mirror.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Pentagon Jr. def. Eli Drake

Drake looked to dethrone the champ but the high-flying champ wasn’t ready to vacate the title yet. Pentagon connected with a Slingblade on Drake and almost succeeded in taking off the arm of Drake before he dodged it.

After countering upon the counter, as the crowd chanted “break his arm,” Pentagon went to a top move but was countered and planted with the Superplex by Drake. In the end, Drake missed a top rope Moonsault maneuver, allowing Pentagon to connect with his Driver for the victory.