The Usos

The Usos discussed recently their role in the WWE over the past years, and unlike many other performers, being allowed to retain their true character.

The former 5x WWE Tag Team champs have made name for themselves, and the twins were the first team to win both the Raw Tag Team Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

In a chat with Fox 45 News to promote this week’s episode of SmackDown Live in Baltimore, MD at the Royal Farms Arena on the USA Network, The Usos discussed how they’ve been able to maintain their real personalities on TV.

As stated by one-half of the twin brothers Jimmy;

“Our characters – we’re lucky – we basically get to just be us out there. Some guys actually have to be somebody [else] or a character. I’m glad we get to be us so that works. It’s easy because it’s real.”

“We are the longest reigning tag team ever in WWE History. … Four brothers, we grew up beating each other up, watching my Dad and family on TV. Breaking coffee tables, putting holes in walls, jumping off couches, it’s natural [being in the ring].”


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcribed quotes.