Tyson Fury wins on his return

Tyson Fury returned last night to beat Sefer Seferi at the Manchester Arena. This was the first time that Fury will be fighting since his fight against Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015 for the Heavyweight belts.

In his usual form of playing mind games in the ring, Tyson Fury toyed around with almost throughout the first round of the bout.

Seferi is a former cruiserweight boxer and managed to hold on after Fury decided to unleash his brutal attacks up until after the fourth round when his corner decided that he had taken enough punishment, resulting to an end to the match before the fifth round by Stoppage.

In a post-fight interview with BT Sport, Tyson Fury said, “I felt fantastic, it was like having my debut again. I’ve had a long time out the ring and I needed some rounds, so I was taking my time. The caliber of opponents will keep on rising. I will be better next time. I’m going to have a world title by the end of the year – that’s a promise. I wanted to stand and have a fight with him, but it (the retirement) happened, and it wasn’t my fault that they pulled him out.”