The WWE 205 Live started last night with a Fatal-Four Way match, pitting both Cruiserweight superstars and U.K. superstars together.

Tyler Bate def. TJP, Kalisto & Kenny Williams

Former Cruiserweight Champions Kalisto and TJP, the first-ever U.K. Champion Tyler Bate and another superstar from the U.K. Division Kenny Williams went into action against one another. Kenny Williams who made his first appearance in a WWE ring last night gave a good account of himself, partnering with Tyler Bate in the early matchup to send Kalisto on the run.

All superstars were quite impressive and entertaining as well, with TJP countering Salida del Sol attempt from Kalisto, and Bate going after TJP in an impressive fashion but as all four superstars brawled, TJP locked in the submission hold on Williams, and in an unbelievable fashion, TJP joined Bate and Kalisto making it a triple submission maneuver.

In the end, Bate and TJP were only left in the ring, and after exchanging blows, TJP went for his Detonation Kick but was countered by Bate who immediately planted him with the Tyler Driver ‘97 for the win.

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Flash Morgan Webster def. Drew Gulak, James Drake & Joseph Conners

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali, with a U.K. Division’s Flash Morgan Webster, battled Drew Gulak, Joseph Conners, and James Drake. in a Six-Man tag team competition.

The WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick joined the announce team to watch the bout. Alexander and Conners kicked off the match but the impressive U.K. Division Superstar Conners was quick to send the Cruiserweight champion reeling in pains. Eventually, Alexander battled back before tagging in Flash Morgan Webster.

As the superstars continued in a highly competitive competition, filled with high-flying maneuvers and speed, Gulak, Drake, and Conners controlled the matchup at a reasonable amount of time. The match at some point went into chaos but eventually, Alexander was left to battle Gulak in the ring and when Alexander attempted the Lightning-Quick offense on Gulak, he countered Alexander and locked him in a wicked Ankle Lock.

Alexander managed to escape and then tagged in Ali who immediately dropped Gulak with a Tornado DDT before executing a ring-shattering 054 maneuver for the three counts.