Murphy vs Cedric

WWE 205 Live aired last night, and in a show of vengeance, Lince Dorado wanted retribution against one-half of the team that left him last week on the receiving end of the tag team bout with Kendrick and Gulak, against himself and Kalisto.

Lince Dorado def. The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick started off on an intense note, unleashing his aggressive style of wrestling on his opponent. This dangerous show of tactics from Kendrick sent Dorado obviously rethinking what he had wanted before going into the bout.

Dorado battled back, using his speed advantage to send Kendrick out of the ring. The bout went back-and-forth with several impressive maneuvers and counters but in the end, after a confrontation with The Lucha House Party and Gulak, and Kendrick attempting to capitalize on the distraction, Dorado stunned Kendrick with the Golden Rewind for the win.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander def. Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy came close again at dethroning the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Alexander. The Soul of WWE 205 Live maintained his focus despite the strength of Murphy, sending him to the outside and over the announce table.

Unfortunately, Murphy regained the upper hand after The Soul of WWE 205 Live wasted much time standing on the table. Murphy went on to administer all sorts of wicked maneuvers on Alexander. Murphy concentrated on Alexander’s back, and methodically put the Cruiserweight Champ in pains. In the end, Cedric in shocking fashion countered Murphy’s maneuver attack and connected with a pair of kicks, and then followed it up with the Lumbar Check for the three counts.

Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy ended in a No Contest

Buddy Murphy still went on to battle Mustafa Ali in a rubber match as both superstars wanted to make a case for another shot at the WWE Cruiserweight title.

Murphy stopped Ali’s speed advantage with pure power, sending Ali on the defense. Still, with speed, power, counter upon counters, both Superstars fought with all they’ve got, trading blows and refusing to quit.

In the end, as Ali was about to execute the 054 on the fallen Buddy, Hideo Itami appeared from nowhere and knocked him off the ropes. The match was called off by the referee. Itami, however, refused to leave, attacking both Ali and Murphy.