I found this article from one of SBNation’s editor Sean Reuter regarding WWE market share quite interesting and felt like sharing it. I will just go ahead and quote him so as not to tamper with any bit of his opinion.

“I’m a professional wrestling blogger. So I can tell you the internet’s been raging about Roman Reigns and match order, WWE having too many pay-per-view (PPV) events and the business ethics/public relations optics of doing a show in Saudi Arabia while trumpeting a “Women’s Evolution”. I can confirm television viewers and ratings haven’t been really good for a while, downright bad the last couple weeks and unlikely to ever return to what they were five years ago.”

Yahoo Finance

Sean pointed out that WWE’s stock price has been trading at record highs this week, closing Wednesday (May 9) at $42.59 per share after hitting a 52 week high of $42.86 earlier in the day. That’s 107.70% change over the past year. Unbelievable!

Author’s take:

Could this spike in WWE’s shares have an influence on investors, especially as UFC and ESPN+ recently signed a deal to exclusively stream their content? Sure investors only care about returns not necessarily your love for MMA or hatred for pro wrestling.