The Miz and Daniel Bryan

The Miz had a recent chat with Sports Illustrated‘s Extra Mustard section, where he talked about Daniel Bryan and whether they share a mutual respect for one another.

Find below his response;

“On Talking Smack, I told Daniel Bryan exactly the way I felt and he’s the one who basically came at me. Everyone looks at me as the bad guy, but who’s the bad guy there? Daniel Bryan said my work is soft, that my work is cowardly. He said my work isn’t as good, that I’m not a good in-ring technician. I’m good for some things? Maybe on the microphone? Maybe I can be a manager or a commentator? But what I heard was that I was not good enough in the ring. And this was coming from a guy who was injured and couldn’t come back from that injury.

Daniel Bryan could have quit and went and did all his indies and did all the bingo hall things, but he wanted to fight for his dreams. But that day, he didn’t fight for his dreams. He walked away like the coward he was calling me. Now you fast forward and everybody wants to see Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz, but the fact is Daniel Bryan isn’t at the caliber I am at. I am sick of people sitting there saying, ‘Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz.’ He doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with me. He’s not at the level that I am. I am showcasing top-level talent, and maybe in a year or maybe in two years, he’ll be at that level. But right now, he’s not at that level. He’s just going on the fame he had four years ago. Things changed. So when Daniel Bryan is ready, and I feel that he is ready, that’s when the match will happen. Until then, he’s not ready for me.”

Author’s Take:

I have always respected The Miz and his in-ring performance, and working as a heel. Of course, a heel takes any means possible just to win, and that’s exactly what Miz is doing, awesome!

However, to assume that Bryan is not on his level is ridiculous to me. Mehn! That guy achieved a lot in a few years that he spent before his injury than Miz has ever, culminating even from his days in ECW, teaming with Jonny Nitro and even playing the mentor to Daniel Bryan when he joined the main roster.

This match between this two guys should just happen, because for me, in terms of in-ring prowess and entertainment, Bryan beats Miz 100%; it’s not always just about cutting good promos.